The Value of a Broker or "Agent" of Assistance:
Review what your unique needs are at this time.
Explain options that meet those needs.
Explain each step necessary to achieve your goals.

18 years of knowledge & experience is shared with the customer!  Knowledge about coverage, plan designs, claims, multiple insurance carriers, underwriting, and health-care-reform law.  I can teach you how to understand your policy!

With over 200 health plans to choose from, I collect the quotes for you, narrow down the options based on the needs we discussed, and put the appropriate selection of plans in a side-by-side comparison!  This comparison is unique to Lucero Agency, LLC.  It is an easy-to-read color-coded spreadsheet!  It has the highlights of the plan and the rates on the same page, making it easy to compare at-a-glance!  I can show you what to look for in a policy to get the most out of it.  I can also show you how to get the monthly premium down.

I take the time to do a thorough review of the plan comparisons with you so you can make an informed decision.  It's my goal to improve your situation!  Questions are addressed and complete plan details are shared using a state-mandated coverage summary. Your time, and your preferred method of receiving information is important to us!

It's important to develop a Plan A, B, and C!!!  There are a lot of twists & turns in health insurance.  There are a lot of rules, regulations, and procedures when it comes to an insurance company taking on risk.  I can help you navigate through these complexities!  An experienced and trusted Broker like myself can come up with a strategy that will benefit you!  Lucero Agency likes to keep people moving forward in their lives; rather than getting "stuck" on "insurance"!!!

Ancillary plans are researched to see if they will fill any gaps in coverage.  Also, making sure your doctors are in the network requires time and research.  Any special circumstances such as child-only enrollments or "qualifying events" may need research.  You can have any policy- but you get more value when you attach a real live helper along with it!  Individuals won't pay more just for attaching a Broker to their policy!  

An experienced Broker can predict most outcomes which helps the consumer strategize.  There are multiple timelines to consider in each consumer's situation and a Broker can help you meet those deadlines and help you avoid costly mistakes! I help my customers understand how it all pertains to them!

 Problem Solving
Whether it's an ID card issue, a Provider Issue, or if you're just trying to understand how your claim was paid, Lucero Agency can help throughout the year, as you use your plan.

 Annual Review
If you recieve a rate increase or if you're notified of a coverage change or just want to see if there's anything new and beneficial in the market, an annual review during "Open Enrollment" is encouraged!  My customers have said they like the time I take with them.

 You will also benefit from extensive knowledge concerning transitions to:


  • Individual  • Short-Term Plans
  • Medicare Supplements

Broker Commission:
These Broker Services are extremely valuable to the consumer whether you are an Individual under or over age 65! 
The RATES are the same to you whether you do all the work yourself; with no assistance, or if you attach my Broker services!
The insurance company pays a commission to the Broker for helping them distribute their products and for the varied services named above.  
It saves them money because they do not make other provisions for the Broker, such as:

•  "Call Center" •  Office Space   •  Computer Equipment•  Overhead                         
•  Employee Benefits •  800 Numbers   •  Phone Systems•  Workman's Compensation  

As you can see, using a Broker is cost effective -for the consumer and the industry as a whole!

The Broker is assigned to your account so you don't have to worry about talking to a different person all the time!  

For individuals, the Broker is typically paid 10% of the 1st year's premium and 5% of subsequent years.  For supplements, the Broker is typically paid 15% of the 
original monthly premium rate.
After this commission is paid, the Broker must pay income tax and self-employment tax and business expenses that are necessary to run 
a successful agency that delivers countless services to the consumer!
The work of a Broker is very rewarding and Brokers are usually very giving and helpful people.  We are a network of consultants that meet regularly, 
remain licensed, continue our education, and remain updated on Health Care Reform!

I myself have been brought in as a "consultant" by other Brokers!  I also have relationships with other insurance agents who do not distribute 
health insurance at all.  They trust me to help their own family and customers with the health insurance they need!  They know I will listen.  
They know I am ethical, and that I am a valuable resource for their customers and their own agency!
If you have any comments or questions about the benefits of using the Broker Services of Lucero Agency, LLC, please call and ask or shoot an email!
You may also click here for examples of how I've been able to help people!
Lucero Agency has grown by word-of-mouth over the years!  Your referrals are the highest compliment a Broker can receive, and they are appreciated!!
If you feel Lucero Agency has met your insurance needs, please refer people you know!  If you have any suggestions on how services can be improved, 
please call! 
Thank you so much!
Pam Lucero