Customer Benefits

Recently, a primary income earner for a family of four was referred to me for help.  She had lost her job and her employee benefits.  Because this was considered a "Special Enrollment" situation, I was able to enroll the family quickly into a plan off the exchange!  If an individual needs a subsidy or tax credit to help them afford health insurance, they can call Colorado's exchange to enroll.  If you do not need or qualify for a subsidy, I can enroll you off the exchange rather quickly!

A friend in the insurance business asked me to try and "convince" her brother to get health insurance; I told her I would try!  After speaking with him 
it was apparent to me that he would benefit from an "HSA" or "Health Savings Account" qualified plan.  I listened to his thoughts, I showed him the 
benefits and the rates.  I helped him enroll and 2 years later he had a massive heart attack.  He was revived... followed by a quadruple bypass!  
He sent me numerous emails updating me on the medical bills that exceeded $200,000!  BUT HE ONLY HAD TO PAY $1250!!!! He said he was lucky he
didn't have to go bankrupt or loose his home in the process of receiving live-saving care!

An insurance agent asked me to help her teenage daughter's friend because she was uninsured.  I called her and after listening to her and asking
the right questions, I discovered that she could benefit from being added back on to her parents' health plan through their "employee benefits".
And it didn't cost them anything!  Before the law changed children had to be full-time students to remain on their parents' plan, but now they can 
stay on their parents' plan until they are age 26.  If you've already removed your child, you can re-enroll them at "Open Enrollment" time!  As a
Broker, I stay on top of changes in the law and sometimes my solutions do not result in a "sale", but I'm in a position to help people and that is
the rewarding part of what I do.

A customer referred me to some friends, a family of four.  I enrolled them asap because they were uninsured.  I suggested to the mom that she
look into CICP and CHP+ for her family because I believed they might qualify.  Sure enough the children were approved and I removed them from
the costly insurance policy to save this family money.  Knowing about these programs has helped many people who have called me for solutions.
People mean more to me than commission.  I believe this is why my agency has grown, through referrals!

A couple I know came to me when they were turning 65; to find out how Medicare works.  With sensitivity to their needs, I taught them about all the moving 
parts, and based on my advice for their particular needs, I enrolled them in their chosen plan!  A few years later the lady had a life-saving procedure and her husband told me, "If it wasn't for you, we would not have known about Supplements or the "guaranteed issue period".  We got my wife enrolled at the right time, at the best premium available, and now we don't have to worry about these medical bills!  We can concentrate on my wife's health and recovery."
You can imagine how this made me feel.  Especially... since these were my own parents.

A few years ago a customer referred her daughter to me and the daughter had started her own business.  She was seeking health insurance and was currently on a state-run program called Cover Colorado.  She was eligible for coverage through what's called a "Business Group of One" but the insurance company declined the application.  They stated the rule that someone on an Individual plan must be on it for three years before they are eligible for group.  This is true, but I also knew that if the individual plan was through Cover Colorado, this rule did not apply!  After discussing the situation with management at the insurance company it was expressed that they wanted to cover this young lady but needed to act within the law.  So, to clear things up I asked the Colorado Division of Insurance to review the rules and make a determination.  They agreed that she was indeed eligible -and coverage was then issued!  She has been covered for three years now!  She couldn't believe that I would go to such lengths to help her.  I just want to be the Broker who exceeds my customer's expectations!  And, the result was positive and rewarding.  The laws are ever-changing and it's difficult for Customers, Brokers, and even the insurance companies to keep up!  But if we take the time to do the research it helps the consumer!

I hope to help YOU in a meaningful way too!  My job is very rewarding as a Health Insurance Broker!  Thank you for your business!

Pam Lucero